Tripping – And Ripping! – Jamaica With Icah, Mendia And Posner

Story Scott Posner, photos Brett Prinz/Crowd Control Surfboards


Pete “Yeti” Mendia, Brett “Yo-Man” Prinz, and myself Scott Posner, Icah Wilmot (our host)


A five day pleasure and business trip to a Caribbean paradise


Early of February 2018


The Kingston, Jamaica and Jamnesia Surf Camp areas

Just what you want to wake up to after a few dozen Red Stripes between the boys. Photo: Prinz

Shaper Brett “Yo-Man” Prinz from Crowd Control Surfboards who sponsors Icah and Pete the “Yeti” Mendia along with myself, who also provides local legend ripper Icah Wilmot with Fin-S tool-less fin system in his equipment, had been invited to come surf and check out the surf scene in Jamaica over the last few years but never made the move.

To keep it brief, we saw some mid-winter swell headed right that way and decided it was finally time to take Icah up on his generous offer and make the journey to Jamaica to hopefully score some waves, deliver some fresh new surfboards to Icah and the locals and catch some of those legendary Irie Jamaican vibrations.

Yes I! Icah Wilmot doing a fins free, warp speed snap on his newly delivered Crowd Control sled, projecting him down the line for about 5 more of the same turns at Makka. We’re thinking this board is definitely a keeper. Photo: Prinz

The scene was super mellow where we stayed with friendly people, great music, surf stoked groms, postcard turquoise hued water and rocky reef bottom points which provide fun and punchy surf. We made lots of friends and hung out amongst the locals, talking story while drinking Red Stripes and ice cold coconuts with the “Jelly Man” in a rad little wooden convenience store. There was nothing but cool rasta vibes and smiles.

Irie views on the roads around the Portland and Boston Bay area. Photo: Prinz

After surfs, everything we ate was simply delicious. Coconut rice, pasta salad, fried chicken, jerk chicken, jerk pork, escovitch fish, curry goat, and brown stew chicken to name a few of the amazing meals we experienced.

Cheers to Jamaica and all the delicious “Jerk Shacks” after surfing near Boston Bay. Photo: Prinz

The local pro surf talent was impressive as well. We shared waves with the Wilmot family (Icah and Ivah), Shama Beckford, and Garren Pryce to name a few. All the boys were super cool and fun to surf with. Everyone at the Wilmots Jamnesia Surf Camp was very friendly and hospitable along with all of the traveling guests we met visiting from all over the world. We will all definitely be putting Jamaica in our surf trip rotation more often than not and would like to thank the Wilmots and everybody who welcomed us with open arms for making this adventure as fun as anything you could hope for!

Scott Posner all business laying back into one at The Lighthouse while R&D’ing some new fin’s before layin’ back into a hammock at Jamnesia after a long day of “work”. Photo: Prinz
Pete “Yeti” Mendia out of his cave at the Matterhorn and throwing an avalanche towards Kingston. Photo: Prinz
Icah, Pete, and Scott sussing out the lineup before an early morning surf. Lighthouse has a tricky little lineup but you know Icah has it all figured out and clued us in to the first timers do’s and don’t’s. Photo: Prinz
Brett Prinz doing his own hands on R&D. Photo: Posner
One of the several pretty set waves that slipped by the boys but was still nice to look at and mind surf. Photo: Prinz
Icah-mon trying to keep in the shade while showing us how it’s done at his home spot. Photo: Prinz
International revolutionary legends on a Jamaican road sign. Photo: Prinz
The “Yeti” attacking yet another innocent peak after escaping his cave. Photo: Prinz
Owner operator Posner with all ‘Fin-S’ firing while testing a new prototype set-up on his quad. Photo: Prinz
The famous lighthouse right near the Kingston Airport runway makes for an awesome view while on the beach or out in the lineup. photo: Prinz
The Garden States Jack Murphy was in the house and threw down some Jersey Strong turns with the boys. Photo: Icah Wilmot
Fireside is an awesome little restaurant just across the street from Jamnesia. If you didn’t get there early you’d miss out on all the specials. But whatever was available when it was your turn to order was delicious. Photo: Photo: Prinz
Scott Posner floating a sudsy section over the rocks at Lighthouse before floating down the “Red Stripe” rapids later. Photo: Prinz
Icah “Easy Skanking” on this fun Lighthouse left. Definitely not “skankin’ it slow.” Photo: Prinz
In Boston Bay, ordering up some Jamaican doughnuts, jerk pork, jerk chicken, and chicken sausages, and rapping out with the always inquisitive locals. Photo: Prinz
Icah Wilmot, the cool cat and his awesome wife Chrissana psyching on their beautiful new hand shaped sleds made with love and delivered by Brett “Yo Man” Prinz upon our arrival. Photo: Prinz
Shooter, surfer, shaper Brett Prinz of Crowd Control surfboards. Photo: Posner

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