Surf Team

  • Scott “Homey” Pritchett

    Scott “Homey” Pritchett

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  • Harley Rios

    Harley Rios

    Jungle boy turned pro-surfer. Where the mountains meet the ocean Harley emerges from the deep jungle, only during the biggest of swells. Surfing private spots where he is left to meditate on the beauty of his backyard friends. Making jokes with turtles, dolphins, pelicans and pulpos in the water; on shore, drinking fresh pipas for […]

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  • Carl Soranno

    Carl Soranno

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  • Wilfredo “Control” Deliz

    Wilfredo “Control” Deliz

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  • Icah Wilmot

    Icah Wilmot

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  • Corey Bandito Thompson

    Corey Bandito Thompson

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  • Brian Stanford

    Brian Stanford

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  • Fisher Freeman

    Fisher Freeman

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  • Trip Freeman

    Trip Freeman

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  • Ze De Cruz

    Ze De Cruz

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  • Bryan Garcia

    Bryan Garcia


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  • Frankie Shifano

    Frankie Shifano

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  • Peter Mendia

    Peter Mendia


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  • Brad Domke

    Brad Domke

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  • Pat Hall

    Pat Hall

    Pat Hall – Whats up! My name is Pat Hall I live in Sebastian,Fl and love to surf. I have been Surfing for 15 yrs, I have a Awesome little family that means the world to me. I have a beautiful Fiance and an Awesome little 2yr old Daughter(Next Ripper) we go to the beach […]

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  • Mike Collins

    Mike Collins


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  • John Teeter

    John Teeter

    John Teeter has been surfing the Southeast coast of Florida for over 30 years. A seasoned veteran, spending 4 years on the North Shore of Oahu surfing and racing Downhill Mountainbikes, he is known for his “Strong Like Bull” style of surfing generally trading off technical maneuvers for big power moves and “charge anything” attitude. […]

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  • Brandon Holley

    Brandon Holley

    Brandon Holley was born in West Palm Beach and has lived in Palm Beach Gardens for most of his life. He has been skateboarding since he was only 4 years old. He was instantly a natural and used skating as a positive tool to overcome a difficult childhood. Today, Brandon is a vert and street […]

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